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Woman Sparks Office Drama After Getting Her Coworker Fired For Having An OnlyFans Account

Having an OnlyFans account is one way thousands of people have chosen to supplement their income this year. There’s nothing wrong with sex work, but like any other job it’s not for everyone.

Reddit user “Logical-Preference73” found herself at odds with a younger coworker over their OnlyFans.

She asked the AITA (“Am I The A**hole?”) subReddit: 

“AITA for getting a girl at work fired for having an OnlyFans account?”

Before we get into the details, let’s talk about how AITA works. Original Posters (you’ll often see them referred to as “OP”) share their stories as posts. Other Redditors share their thoughts and votes in the comments section.

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Now lets get back to the office OnlyFans issue. 

“I (30F) work as a financial advisor at a rather large and well known firm, along with my co-worker ‘T’ (mid-20s/F).”

“One lunch time T was having a discussion with us about how she had started an OnlyFans and was already getting subscribers. She said they should forget about slaving away at a desk for a company and take their future into their own hands, etc.”

“T then told me I should try it. I brushed this off, and said it’s just not something I’d like to do.”

“She asked me why, and I shrugged and said ‘just because.’ It’s like asking me if I’d like to become an actress or a doctor, neither appeal to me.”

“However, T didn’t see it that way, and said ‘what, do you think you’re better than me?’ I said no, of course not, I just wouldn’t consider doing sex work as a career.”

“T took great offense, saying that if I’m happy earning peanuts working my life away for a boss just for “dignity” then that’s on me, and I mustn’t judge her for wanting to make a better future for herself, that she’s not ashamed of what she is doing.”

“She also said ‘when your children ask you why they were poor their whole lives you can tell them it’s because you had too much dignity to provide for them more.’ “

“I have two children, and I am fully able to provide for them; this pissed me off. She got up and went back to her desk.”

“At this point one of my other colleagues (in a much higher, managerial position) had overheard her and asked me what had happened, so I told her. After all, T’s words were she wasn’t ashamed of what she was doing, she seemed very open about it.”

“My colleague said nothing and we went back to work.”

“I thought nothing more of it, though I was irritated by T’s comments about my children and financial status. I put most of my earnings into my home, family and investment. I drive a pretty standard looking vehicle and my dress sense is rather plain, I guess.”

“About a week later I noticed T was no longer coming into work. One of the girls she hung out with a lot at lunch time was shooting me angry looks and speaking in hushed tones to their usual group.”

“When I sat down, the girl turned to me and said ‘Are you pleased with yourself?’ I asked why and she said ‘We all know you told the boss about T’s OnlyFans account to get her fired.’ “

“I was taken aback, then remembered mentioning it to my colleague that day. I went to her office to ask what had happened.”

“She told me that she had decided to investigate T’s social media, which listed our company as her workplace on her profile. Her IG was full of risque photos to push her OnlyFans.”

“As her IG and FB profiles were easily connected, my colleague said it was openly moonlighting in a way that did not reflect well on the company, and reported it. T was called in to a meeting, which ended in her being dismissed.”

“I now feel responsible for T losing her job. Her friends have branded me an a**hole, telling everyone I’m a jealous btch, a slut-shamer etc.”

“My colleague told me T had it coming and I must not feel bad.”

“Reddit, AITA?”

Reddit was, as always, brutally honest.

“NTA I am pro sex worker but young people especially need to:”

“a. Understand how their social media presence represents their company, therefore what implications that can have and”

“b. She shouldn’t be talking about her OnlyFans at work, it’s unprofessional and not appropriate conversation.”

“She was extra rude to you; that the conversation was overheard is her own problem. I would be reporting the other girls for bullying too, this isn’t high school, it’s a professional place of employment, grow up or get out.” – G3neirc

“I don’t think people should be held to a professional standard 24/7. Social media is personal. Don’t link where you work etc.”

“BUT if somehow they overlap, it shouldn’t be an issue unless it’s regarding racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic behavior, illegal activity etc.”

“T did two things wrong that keep this argument from applying to them specifically.”

“1. They talked about their sex work in the office – and pretty openly too. Not only that but they insulted the place they work and the people who work there – also while in the office.”

“2. They linked their social media to the company name.”

“Had neither of those things happened; had OP, say, eavesdropped on a quiet and private conversation and found out that way and then reported it – that would be a different situation.”

“OP, you didn’t rat them out, she was overheard and she was bound to be overheard and investigated eventually. It was the person above you who reported. NTA” – LimitlessMegan

“So NTA” 

“She also:”

“Tried to recruit coworkers for sex work, which could easily be received as sexual harassment.”

“Verbally abused the OP when she declined. Which is harassment.”

“They should have fired her for inappropriate behavior at work, and OP should report the bully who’s giving her a hard time now.” – Em4Tango 

“Agreed, NTA.”

“But another point needs to be made crystal clear: It wasn’t OP who got T fired. T got HERSELF fired.”

“I’ve worked for a top Fortune 50 company and it is exceptionally difficult to fire someone. There has to be a long and detailed paper trail or one really stupid action.”

“There’s a good chance that T had a chance to keep her job at the HR meeting, but copped the same attitude she did at OP. Best guess is that she was told to disengage her social media from the company and she refused.”

“Or her attitude toward OP was something she’d been told about many times before and this was the last straw.”

“Either way this isn’t OPs fault.”

“All the blame lies squarely on T’s shoulders.” – pcnauta

“NTA not only wasn’t she ashamed, she shamed OP for NOT doing sex work.”

“If a male coworker came up to OP and insisted she should make an OnlyFans and them badgered her about it when she said no, it’d be a sexual harassment complaint.”

“Gonna guess if the boss overheard that part too, that would play a large factor in not wanting this employee in the building anymore, even if they said it was about social media. T was a debacle waiting to implode.” – HelenaKelleher

“I am a sex worker who has an OnlyFans, and I also work a professional internship, and you aren’t the a-hole.”

“1. Sex work isn’t for everyone and trying to lambast or put you down for not wanting your own OF is dumb as hell.”

“2. Come on…I work hard to make sure my SW life is completely separate from the company I’m interning for or any of my professional life.”

“I don’t talk to my coworkers about it (and actually, I just don’t add my coworkers on my personal social media, which is also separate from SW social media, anyway) , and I also know there’s a risk my company could find out and not want me to work there anymore.”

“I keep those lives as separate as possible and would certainly never be advertising from a place I also had my company listed.”

“To some extent, what you do away from the office is none of their business. But it sounds like T made it their business by not separating her lives and openly listing the company in the same places she was shilling.”

“NTA” – secret_atlas

Hopefully T’s OnlyFans is doing well and getting herself fired from her full-time position hasn’t hurt her too badly during these trying times.

Written by Erica Diaz

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