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Crazy Mom Tries To Threaten Guy Who Sold Her 21-Year-Old Son A Car—And He Totally Schools Her ????

Reddit: MetalM1ke

Being a parent turns some people into kind, loving caregivers, and others into obsessive, controlling nightmares. Case in point: Reddit user MetalM1ke sold his BMW to a 21-year-old for $4k which, as any car owner knows, is a pretty good price for an automobile.

Reddit: MetalM1ke

A week later, however, MetalM1ke got a text from the 21-year-old’s parent. When a conversation begins with threats of calling the police, things can only go downhill.

Reddit: MetalM1ke

As best he could, Mike tried to speak reasonably to the woman.

Reddit: MetalM1ke

In response, the mother decided to break out CAPS LOCK.

Reddit: MetalM1ke

Mike left the helicopter mommy with one last stinger to make his point.

Reddit: MetalM1ke

sectorsight knew exactly how he’d deal with the issue:

“‘Fine, come back and return the car and I will return the $400, which is what the bill of sale said I sold it for'”

TheDisapprovingBrit agreed:

“Exactly my first thought. If OP had actually played along and signed for the lower value, the obvious response is ‘what $3600? I sold it for $400 as it clearly says on the bill of sale you have'”

openlightR has a feeling this isn’t going to end well:

“21 year old wants a 750i but can’t afford the $280 tax? Boy is he in for a treat come service time.”

sickzz1 can attest to that:

Its a 2006 750Li. These cars are the opposite of reliable.”

peterbilt567 was also of the opinion that the 21-year-old didn’t know what he was getting into:

“I almost got a used Mercedes C300 for my first car since I was naïve and then I looked up the insurance costs alone and they were ridiculous. Got a new Mazda 3 instead. This dude’s gonna be in debt over the repairs lol My sister wants a used Mercedes for her first car and I keep having to tell her she won’t be able to afford insurance OR repairs, especially since she wants to go college+med school.”

edger36, however, is more concerned about the mother:

“This lady’s comprehension and problem-solving skills are seriously impaired.”

Shadrach451 thinks the whole thing is a scam:

“It’s entirely an act. She is pretending to be upset and pretending to have a legal precedent to make demands. Her hope is that will cave and give her money. It’s a long shot, but I see this like dogs chasing cars. They are so trapped inside their own heads and have so little understanding of the real world that they don’t even realize how stupid and dangerous what they are doing even is.”

religionisaparasite said this was a job for the proper authorities:

“I would just report this to the police. She threatened to have her husband beat the money out of you. People need to learn how to act in a civilized society.”

Paranoidas pointed out that the mother should have known something was up when her son’s story wasn’t staying consistent:

“The best part is that her son tried to hand in a bill of sale that conflicts with the price on the title. I wonder how that went over with the DMV.”

ProximaC at least knew what MetalM1ke was going through:

“I bought a shitty old car from a friend once. We agreed on 500 bucks and that’s what we wrote on the paperwork and that’s what I paid him. Then his mother found out he’d sold the car to me. She’d paid 1500 when she bought it for him the year before and decided I needed to pay her the other 1000. She ended up taking me to court over it. The judge looked at all the paperwork and told her she had no case. She and her son cornered me in the elevator and she screamed at me that I was going to hell and going to burn forever for stealing from Christians. I hated that car.”

evilshenanigan wants to know if the story had an end:

“Was there any resolution? I mean, obviously she wasn’t on her way with the cops, but did you hear any more?”

It seems all’s well that ends well, according to MetalM1ke:

“I text Lance and told him to take care of his mother and to leave me alone. He was embarrassed it seems but he is also a kid. He didnt seem to know how to handle his mother.”


Written by Collin Gossel

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