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Dad Stages Home Invasion To Cover Up The Fact That He Stole His Own Daughter’s Girl Scout Cookie Money

Home Invasion
Forest Grove Police

We’re only four months into 2019 and we appear to have found a candidate for Father of the Year… sort of.

Meet Brian Couture. This is his mug shot, courtesy of the Forest Grove Police Department.

Home Invasion
Forest Grove Police

Couture, 40, staged a home invasion last month to cover up the fact that he stole money from his own daughter—money that she’d raised selling Girl Scout cookies.

Couture called police on March 6th, claiming that a thief had broken into his home through a sliding glass door.

Couture said that he confronted the suspect. There was a scuffle after that, and Couture successfully drove the thief away… but not before he made off with $747 in Girl Scout cookie money.

Authorities arrived, took Couture to the hospital––it’s unclear what injuries he might have “suffered”––and searched the area with a K9 unit. Nothing turned up. Then, on March 18th, Couture admitted he made the whole thing up.

In a statement posted to Facebook, Forest Grove Police said “Couture admitted to Forest Grove Police investigators that the alleged incident was staged.”


Posted by Forest Grove Police on Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The police department’s complete statement is below:

On March 18, 2019 Forest Grove Police investigators arrested Brian Couture, age 40, for the crimes of Initiating a False Report, a Class A misdemeanor, and Theft in the 2nd Degree, a Class A misdemeanor. Couture was lodged at the Washington County Jail.

On March 6th, 2019 at about 9:53am, Couture called 911 and reported that an unknown subject had entered through a sliding glass door at his residence and that a struggle had occurred.The alleged suspect fled before officers arrived. An extensive dog track was conducted in the area and no suspect was located.

Couture admitted to Forest Grove Police investigators that the alleged incident was staged. Investigators believe that Couture staged the incident in order to conceal the theft of money belonging to a non-profit organization, that was spent inappropriately.

Despite initially admitting he staged the incident, Couture has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The story spread quickly across social media from there, and people are shaking their heads.

We see what he did there.


The Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington have also commented on the matter, via spokesperson Sarah Shipe, who told Buzzfeed News:

“On Friday, March 15, 2019, Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington was notified that a family had experienced a theft at home, including the alleged theft of $747 in Girl Scout funds. At that time, we initiated our internal process to respond to such matters.

Since the March 18 arrest in this case, we have been in contact with the Forest Grove Police Department and are working with them to resolve the matter. The stewardship of Girl Scout troop funds is a top priority for our organization, and that is our focus in this matter.”

Here’s a simple life rule: Don’t be Brian Couture. We just feel sorry for his kid.