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How Are These 42,000-Year-Old Worms Still Alive And Eating?

We’ve all read sci-fi stories about being cryogenically frozen and then revived thousands of years later. Well, what about being accidentally frozen in Siberian permafrost? Well, that is exactly what happened to some hookworms. About 300 samples were found by scientists in the ice. When two of these tiny worms were defrosted in a petri dish, they began to move around and eat again.

One worm was found in a squirrel burrow close to the Kolyma River and is estimated to be around 37,000 years old. Another was found in the near the Alazeya River and is estimated to be around 41,700 years old. The ‘defrosting’ was carried out by The Institute of Physico-Chemical and Biological Problems of Soil Science. They believe that studying these worms may help us understand cryomedicine and cryobiology.

Some needed to be talked down from their knee-jerk negative reaction to this…

Some wondered about the consequences…

But there was still celebration of what the discovery may mean…

And let’s be honest, one person who said what we all were thinking…

That would truly be a Jurassic Park moment.

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Written by Dana Levinson

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