Paul Ryan Reads ‘Mean Tweets’ About Himself In Cringe-Worthy Video, And Nobody Is Laughing


We all know Paul Ryan (R-WI). He’s the Speaker of the House, former vice presidential candidate from 2012, and perennial stooge for the Trump administration. Politicians who do and say regrettable things sometimes try to find ways to humanize themselves. In some cases, it doesn’t go exactly as planned. Speaker Ryan decided that he’d riff off of Jimmy Kimmel’s popular segment and read some mean tweets about himself.

The video can be seen below:

Some of our favorites include:

“Paul Ryan is proof that you don’t need a spine to do p90x.”

This refers to this photo series during the 2012 election that was also meant to ‘humanize’ the then-VP candidate…

Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan was photographed demonstrating his workout technique at a gym in Janesville, Wis., for TIME in December 2011. This photo is featured in the Oct. 22, 2012, issue of TIME

There was also this gem:

“I want to high five Paul Ryan’s face with a shovel. Just hard enough to make him see birdies. Hate that smug look.”

If this was meant to humanize him, it kind of backfired.

People called him out:

Others just called out the wholesale stealing of Kimmel’s bit:

And someone posed this important question:

Accountability isn’t Congress’ forte.

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Written by Dana Levinson

Dana Aliya Levinson is an actress, writer, and trans activist. She graduated with honors from the New School where she wrote extensively about political and ethnic identity in the middle-east. She was a 2014-2015 Dramatists Guild Fellow, and has written about politics and trans issues for The Huffington Post, Women's Health, Nylon, and The Notice Blog.