Ryan Reynolds Speaks About The Possibilities Of Deadpool 3

The first Deadpool film, featuring Ryan Reynolds as the titular superhero, was released back in 2016. It was a gamble in many ways. Deadpool wasn’t exactly the most popular Marvel superhero, and his ‘power’ is breaking the third wall, of course, along with his sardonic wit. Not to mention the fact that fans were upset about Reynold’s appearance as Deadpool in the Wolverine film that everyone pretends doesn’t exist anymore. Well, the movie was a smash hit, raking in 783 million dollars, taking the record for the highest grossing R-rated movie.

Of course, this led to Deadpool 2, released on May 18th. The follow-up garnered positive reviews, and then took the biggest R-rated gross record from its predecessor. Well now, whispers have started about Deadpool 3.

Unfortunately Ryan Reynolds has poured some water on those rumors, telling Starnews Korea

“For Deadpool 3, you know, it’s an odd thing to say but I don’t think there will be a Deadpool 3. I think going forward it would be an X-Force movie, which would be his team so to speak.”

For those not in the Marvel universe know, X-Force is an offshoot of the X-men who choose to use violent force against their enemies in a way that the X-men see as going too far. Deadpool, while only a member, rather than the leader of the X-Force in the comics, seems to be headed towards being their leader in this cinematic version. So, while we may not get a Deadpool 3, he’s wisecracks will likely still be gracing our screens.

People were here for it…

But some really wanted Deadpool 3 as an addition to the solo franchise…

We’ll just have to wait and see!

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Written by Dana Levinson

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