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Suspected Rhino Poacher Trampled By Elephant In South Africa Before Being Eaten By Lions

A man suspected of breaking into Kruger National Park in an effort to poach rhinos was trampled by an elephant and then eaten by a pride of lions.

CNN International reported…

A statement from the Kruger National Park read in part…

“Kruger National Park Rangers assisted by Komatipoort and Skukuza SAPS helped the family of a suspected poacher to find closure by recovering his remains in the Crocodile bridge section on Thursday, 04 April 2019.

According to the family of the deceased, they were called by his accomplices who notified them that their relative had been killed by an elephant while they were in the KNP to poach rhino on Tuesday evening.”

His four accomplices were arrested, while the managing director of the park offered his condolences to the family of the man who was killed.

Poaching is not to be confused with big game hunting.

Big game hunting is when people pay money to legally hunt large, often exotic, animals for sport.

Poaching is when people hunt animals without permission, often for a resource, such as ivory, that may be valuable.

There was an unsurprising lack of empathy for the life lost:

However, one person was quick to point out how complicated this story is.

Another person explained further…

And while poaching is an awful thing that destroys natural animal communities, poachers don’t drive the system.

Like many issues, this one can’t be untangled from issues of poverty. Hopefully one day soon, poaching will be stopped, both for the animal and human communities destroyed by it.


Written by Dana Levinson

Dana Aliya Levinson is an actress, writer, and trans activist. She graduated with honors from the New School where she wrote extensively about political and ethnic identity in the middle-east. She was a 2014-2015 Dramatists Guild Fellow, and has written about politics and trans issues for The Huffington Post, Women's Health, Nylon, and The Notice Blog.