Woman Dies After What She Thought Was A Pimple Was Actually A Flesh-Eating Bacteria

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According to Allure, a woman from Indianapolis has died after what she initially thought was a pimple turned out to be flesh-eating bacteria. She had gone on an annual vacation with her husband in Clearwater, Florida, and when she returned, she developed a sore on her buttock about the size of a nickel.

She went to the doctor twice and was prescribed antibiotics and a heating pad. When this didn’t resolve the issue, she went back a third time. The area was biopsied, and she was diagnosed with a flesh-eating bacteria called necrotizing fasciitis.

She was immediately rushed into surgery and spent the next two weeks in the intensive care unit. She died at home on May 11th after being released from the hospital. The coroner is currently trying to ascertain if the flesh-eating bacterial infection was a contributing factor.

According to the CDC

“People with necrotizing fasciitis often start having symptoms within a few hours after an injury. The symptoms may seem like another illness or injury. For example, some people may complain of pain or soreness, similar to that of a “pulled muscle.” The skin may be warm with red or purplish areas of swelling that spread rapidly. Some people get ulcers, blisters, or black spots on the skin. Patients often describe their pain as severe and hurting much more than they would expect based on how the wound looks. Later symptoms can include:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Fatigue (tiredness)
  • Vomiting

These confusing symptoms may delay a person from seeking medical attention. If you have these symptoms after a wound, see a doctor right away.”

However, they also explain…

“Necrotizing fasciitis is rare. Your chances of getting it are extremely low if you have a strong immune system and practice good hygiene and proper wound care.”

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Written by Dana Levinson

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