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David Crosby Offers Apology For Tone-Deaf ‘Meh’ Tweet About Eddie Van Halen After His Death

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An offhanded comment about a celebrity quickly becomes something much more serious when that celebrity just died.

David Crosby learned that this week after an offhanded comment he made about Eddie Van Halen brought him all kinds of heat from offended fans.

Eddie Van Halen was an icon in the rock music industry and the lead guitarist of the band that bore his name, Van Halen. After an excruciating battle with cancer, he passed away on October 6 at the age of 65, adding one more blow to the year that is 2020.

But Crosby did not take all of this into consideration when a follower asked him for his opinion of Eddie Van Halen.

A follower asked Crosby: 

“I know you’re not into metal, David, but what’s your opinion on Eddie Van Halen?” 

Many artists would have taken this opportunity to commemorate the work of an artist gone too soon. At the very “worst,” they might offer a constructive critique of the work accomplished, but again, in a commemorative way.

Instead of doing what many artists would have done, David Crosby responded with this: 

Needless to say, this was not a response that most Van Halen or Crosby fans appreciated. 

Posting such a short, dismissive tweet, so soon after Van Halen’s lost battle with cancer, was clearly about to get him some serious backlash.

Some were just angry.

Some tried to help by suggesting how David Crosby could have responded instead. 

Others disagreed on principle, citing Van Halen as a force in the industry.


A few agreed with Crosby’s analysis of Van Halen’s music, though. 

After countless comments, both hateful and helpful, David Crosby issued an apology. 

He also explained the earlier tweet was about musical preference, not Van Halen himself.

Some followers continued to agree with Crosby, not viewing Van Halen as their favorite musician. 


Some followers were more emotional and said the apology restored their faith in the musician. 

We’re all welcome to have our own opinions and musical preferences. But our responses could be constructive in nature, especially when an artist just died.

Maybe David Crosby will check the headlines in the future before he shares his opinion of another artist.

McKenzie Lynn Tozan

Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

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