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Deadpool Has Infiltrated Some Classic Movie Covers—And We Need These Remakes STAT

Deadpool returns to the silver screen in Deadpool 2 this Friday, May 18, and what better way to celebrate than with special Blu-ray editions of OTHER classic films! If that doesn’t make sense to you, take a look at some of these special edition slipcovers that feature the merc with a mouth crashing iconic titles.

Some movies, like Assassin’s Creed, seem especially apt.

But, honestly, we have our doubts Deadpool would be able to follow the first rule of Fight Club.

The idea of Tom Hanks stranded on an island with Deadpool already has a lot of Oscar buzz.

Office Space with Deadpool would feature a lot more…uh…murder than the original, but it might be an improvement!

Twitter loved the promotional campaign:

Collectors simply had to have them all!

Many fans, however, were disappointed that Deadpool didn’t actually appear in the Blu-rays.

But these are almost certainly better than the ones drawn by Deadpool himself.

It seems Deadpool 2 has a hit marketing scheme on its hands!

Hurry to Walmart and pick up yours before they’re all gone! And if you’re willing to invest in these, you should probably go see Deadpool 2 this weekend.

H/T – Mashable, IGN Entertainment

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