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Defense Contractor Lockheed Martin Asks Twitter For #WorldPhotoDay Pictures—And The Internet Made Them Regret It

Have you ever seen those movies where a genie or a monkey paw or a wishing well grants your wishes but does it in the most horrific way possible, leaving you wishing you’d never asked for anything at all? Yeah, the people at Lockheed Martin have either never seen those movies or learned absolutely nothing from them.

The defense contractor has been getting flack lately, particularly since the news that they built the bomb responsible for killing 40 children in Yemen. With all the bad PR and the fact that the company builds wartime weaponry, we have no idea what they were thinking when they fired off this now-deleted Tweet.

What kinds of pictures did they expect to get? 


Like we said, we don’t know what they were expecting, but we know what they got. The post was slammed pretty much immediately with graphic images of war, death, and destruction.

Because that’s OBVIOUSLY how Twitter is going to respond when your product just killed a bunch of kids. 

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They deleted the tweet but they didn’t delete Twitter’s anger. It doesn’t work that way. The “roast” switch is firmly locked in the on position.


For obvious reasons, we are going to refrain from showing some of the images that people used to respond to the company. Remember, guys, when it comes to Twitter? Be careful what you wish for.

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