Delivery Driver Killed After Walking Into Virginia Denny’s During Armed Robbery

L: Ozgur / Go Fund Me R: John Gonzalez / Twitter

Two armed robbers struck a Denny’s in Manassas, Virginia.

According to the restaurant’s security cameras and several witnesses, the two robbers entered the restaurant with their guns out, demanding approximately two dozen individuals to get on the floor and hand over their wallets and other possessions.

On their way out of the restaurant, they shot a 34-year-old man who was sitting on the floor and cooperating with the men’s demands. He received medical attention and is expected to recover.

56-year-old Yusuf Ozgur arrived on the scene, completely unaware of the robbery that was happening. He went so far as to hold the door for the two men as they exited the restaurant.

In response, one of the men struck him with a baton and the other man shot him.

Ozgur was taken to a local hospital but was later pronounced dead from his injuries.

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Ozgur was a handyman by trade but also  worked for the DoorDash delivery service as a way to make additional money for his family. He leaves behind his wife and two children.

Ozgur’s sixteen-year-old daughter confided:

“I’ll never see him again.”

DoorDash issued a public statement after the incident: 

“Our thoughts are with [Ozgur’s] family, friends and loved ones, and we are reaching out to his family to offer our full support during this difficult time.”

The Denny’s foodchain also commented: 

“We are saddened by the incident yesterday at our Manassas, VA restaurant, and our thoughts are with those injured and their families. We are cooperating fully with the authorities in their investigation.”

People everywhere are showing their support, posting comments online and contributing to the Ozgur family’s GoFundMe campaign, which will fund Yusuf Ozgur’s funeral, burial and other expenses, with all remaining funds going to his wife and children.


The robbers only managed to leave the Denny’s with wallets from the restaurant patrons, but without any money from the restaurant itself. They are also suspected in three other area robberies that occurred just days before the incident at Denny’s.

The Prince William County police announced the arrest of two 22-year-old men on Sunday.

McKenzie Lynn Tozan

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