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Small Colorado Town’s Hilarious, Punny Signs Have Made It A Popular Tourist Destination ?

Until a short while ago, not many people other than the 1,280 residents had ever heard of Indian Hills, Colorado. Now, however, the small town just outside of Denver is making a much bigger name for itself, all thanks to one man and the hilarious signs he posts outside the local community center.

Vince Rozmiarek, a Colorado native and volunteer at the community center, wrote his first sign five years ago and has continued writing them ever since. His signs soon became a local amusement, and eventually turned into an international attraction.

Vince says his first sign began as an April Fool’s prank

I put up a sign that really stirred up the area. We have a heavy police presence in the town of Morrison, which is next to Indian Hills, and they run a ton of speed traps.

The sign said ‘Indian Hills annexed by Morrison, slow down.’ Many people believed that prank, and the amount of attention it brought was really surprising.

After that, Vince just kept making new signs. Vince says that not once in five years has he ever repeated a sign, though he does use jokes he looks up online every now and then. After reading a few, it’s easy to see why they’ve drawn so much attention.

To keep things fresh, Vince changes the sign two or three times a week and always posts a picture of the new sign on the community center’s Facebook page, where things get even funnier in the comments.

Vince’s signs have reached as far as Australia and it’s clear that, as long as he keeps writing them, people will keep laughing.

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Written by Dennis Matthew Livesey

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