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National Park Offers Unique Solution To Their Mountain Goats Who Are Addicted To Human Urine

Since the early summer officials at Olympic National Park have been capturing and airlifting mountain goats out and into the forests of the North Cascades.

It’s all part of an effort to combat what has become a growing problem for officials and visitors: mountain goats addicted to humane urine.

Officials have been eager to eradicate the mountain goat from Olympic National Park for decades, insisting that they are harmful to the environment, causing soil erosion and threatening vegetation and natural wildlife.

Until now push back from activists and political groups have prevented these efforts, but a growing number of mountain goats have become addicted to human urine and the problem can no longer be ignored.

For the goats salt is an essential part of their diet, and they’ve been known to travel more than 15 miles to reach natural deposits. With visitors relieving themselves around the park though the goats don’t have to travel that far anymore.

Human urine is a great source for salt and minerals and according to the national park the goats have started harassing visitors. The goats will wander into campsites where they persistently seek salt and minerals from human urine.”

Although it isn’t typical the goats can occasionally become aggressive towards humans, with one man being fatally gored by a ram in 2010.

Alternative plans were considered including the introduction of gray wolves to act as predators, but the sure-footed goats are difficult for the wolves hunt. Sterilization was considered but no approved chemical contraception exists and the goats are equally difficult for humans to capture.

So over the next five years officials will relocate roughly 300 goats and kill the remaining ones that can’t be captured.

As far as headlines go readers weren’t really sure what to do with this one.

And pictures of the relocation only made the story stranger.

Thankfully for the goats though, their love of human urine won’t lead to them being compromised by Russian operatives.

Unless of course there’s a tape.

H/T – Motherboard, Popular Mechanics


Written by Dennis Matthew Livesey

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