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Man’s Son Wants To Know If Sunlight Can Melt Ghosts—And The Responses Are On Point ?

Growing up is all about questions. Big questions, little questions, and, sometimes, questions that no one has ever thought to ask to ask before.

That certainly seemed to be the case for a curious four-year-old who had a question about ghosts. Stumped, Dad turned to Twitter for an answer and unintentionally created the most charming thread ever.

The thread that followed can only be described as adorable, and it seemed to mesmerize everyone who stumbled across it.

Though it was a challenging question, Twitter did its best to find an answer for the inquisitive four-year-old.

Twitter tried tackling the question by getting down to the actual physics of the problem, which all seemed to hinge on what ghosts might be made of.

Even NASA took a shot at answering the question.

And soon people found they were unable to tear themselves away from the thread.

But we still didn’t have an answer, so some experts were brought in to consult.

Finally after all the searching one Twitter user found an answer.

The only question left is will we ever see a thread this adorable again?

H/T – Twitter, HuffPost


Written by Dennis Matthew Livesey

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