Kris Jenner Says She’s To Blame For Kylie’s Mind-Boggling Milk And Cereal Revelation

Considering the number of times the Kardashian family has collectively “broken the internet,” it’s amazing that it’s still up and running.

The latest occurrence, of course, was Kylie Jenner’s recent announcement that she had just tried cereal with milk for the first time in her life. The staggering revelation left most of the internet slack-jawed for the better part of a day while the rest set out to discover if there was any truth behind the statement.

And believe it or not, there’s actually more to this story.

Kris Jenner has now come forward and admitted that Kylie’s milk-deprived life was actually all her doing.

Last Tuesday, Kylie sent out the tweet admitting that in her 21 years on this Earth, she had somehow never tried cereal with milk, thus sparking the entire cereal-gate fiasco.

After tweeting about her disadvantaged, lactose-barren childhood, the internet slow-roasted Kylie like a rotisserie chicken.

It was then discovered that Kylie had posted a picture on Instagram five years ago showing a bowl of cereal containing what definitely looked like milk, and the controversy started all over again.


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According to her mom though, Kylie is blameless.

“It’s all my fault,” Jenner said speaking to E! News. “Guilty as charged. I let the kid eat dry cereal and I think it just kind of stuck with her.”

Jenner also addressed the Instagram post that may or may not have contained milk.

“We really don’t know what’s in the milk. It could be almond milk, it could be something mixed with coconut for all we know. There’s nothing that proves it was actually milk.”

Many couldn’t believe that Jenner had allowed Kylie to experience such a cruel and calcium-deficient childhood.

Though most were just amazed there was a second part to the story.

But as masters of social media and self-promotion, they’ll probably keep this one going as long as possible.


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