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Leader Of Britain’s Labour Party Tried To ‘Floss’—And Ended Up Looking Like Mr. Bean ?

As bad as politicians can be when it comes to running their countries, it turns out some are even worse when it comes to dancing. British politician Jeremy Corbyn is no exception.

During an evening out at the at the Pride of Britain award ceremony, the 69-year-old Labour Party leader was persuaded to try the popular dance move “flossing” by a young award recipient.

Unfortunately for Corbyn, there were cameras.

Along with British stars Olly Murs and Ashley Banjo, Corbyn was coaxed into dancing by 10-year-old Max Johnson, a heart transplant patient who won the Child of Courage award earlier in the evening.

Corbyn was a good sport and gave it the old college try, but only managed a rhythmless swaying that definitely wasn’t flossing, and just barely counted as dancing.

By morning, Corbyn’s awkward shuffle was all over British television.

And it went downhill from there once someone realized Corbyn’s dance reminded them of Mr. Bean.

In fact, it was an uncanny resemblance.

Brits couldn’t help but be reminded of Prime Minister Theresa May’s equally awkward robotic strut at the Conservative Party Conference. Seeing the two side by side, it was obvious what had to happen next—it was time for a dance off.

Though many felt dancing was the last thing politicians should be encouraged to do.

This will probably be the last time Corbyn dances in public but, now that we’ve seen it, we just want more.

H/T – Indy100, The Sun


Written by Dennis Matthew Livesey

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