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This Video Of Alien-Looking Creature Washing Up On Shore With Oddly Human Features Has People Freaked

Break out your tinfoil hats and go hide in the basement, because it looks like Earth is about to be invaded.

On Monday beachgoers in China stumbled across a freakish, humanoid looking sea creature that had washed up on the sand.

At first no one was willing to go near it until one man picked it up and posed for a picture. Then the creature started moving.

See the video here:

The video of the strange encounter went viral, eventually being picked up by conspiracy group The Hidden Underbelly, who gave some more details about the creature in the video’s description.

This strange looking creature was found floating along the shore of this beach in China. While the man who found this creature is holding it up to show his friend we can see it moving it’s legs.”

“The creature seem to have an human like head with some sort of arms and legs. In my opinion this could be a new species of sea life or an mutated starfish.

People couldn’t figure out what the creature was, but that didn’t stop them from guessing.

While some attempted to find a more reasonable explanation.

Others however were calling the whole thing out as a hoax.

Although there don’t appear to be any details about what happened to the creature afterwards, hopefully it managed to find its way back home, wherever that may be.

H/T – IBT, Daily Star


Written by Dennis Matthew Livesey

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