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Truck Full Of Axe Body Spray Explodes On Texas Interstate—And The Jokes Practically Write Themselves ?

Being stuck in traffic is bad enough—being stuck behind thousands of burning cans of Axe body spray is a hell we would wish on no one.

Unfortunately for Texas commuters though, that’s exactly what happened when a semi-trailer truck caught fire near Interstate 35 in Belton early Friday morning.

According to KCEN the truck caught fire shortly before 4am. Soon pressurized cans were rocketing all over the area.

Thankfully there were no injuries, but thousands of teenage boys were reportedly devastated after learning that they would have to resort to showering again.

Watch video of the incident here:

While commuters in Texas were less than thrilled, the internet could not have been happier.

The hate for Axe body spray is STRONG online.

With so many jokes and so little time people could hardly contain themselves, but soon they were roasting Axe body spray like a Texas truck fire.

Others however were very concerned for those caught in the contamination zone.

With any luck officials expect the area should habitable for humans again in just a few thousands years.

And when rumors surfaced that the fire might not have been an accident internet sleuths stopped joking and tried figuring out who could be behind such an attack.

All kidding aside though, after everyone was done cracking jokes things took on a more serious tone. 

Many took the time to say a prayer for the victims of this unthinkable tragedy.

H/T – Twitter, WDRB, Gizmodo


Written by Dennis Matthew Livesey

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