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Two Women Decided A Busy Interstate Was The Perfect Place To Twerk On Top Of A Moving SUV ????

Jackie Friedhoff/Facebook

And you thought texting and driving was bad!

Commuters along Interstate 64 in St. Louis were left speechless on Monday after two women climbed out of a moving SUV and began twerking on the roof of the vehicle right in the middle of traffic.

When she noticed what was going on, registered nurse Jackie Friedhoff broke another safe driving rule and whipped out her phone to record the daring and dangerous act.

“Seriously?” was all Jackie managed to say to herself in the videos she posted to Facebook later that day.

“We were in traffic obviously and were going pretty slow,” Jackie told The New York Post on Wednesday. “Then I saw a girl get out of the car and get on top of the vehicle. And Im like, ‘Did I just see that?'”

According to Friedhoff, she was only going about 10 mph when she noticed the two women climbing out the windows of the white GMC SUV. As the ladies climbed on top, a third woman leaned out the passenger window to record the pair on her phone.

Jackie says one of the women even asked her to tag her in the video when she noticed Friedhoff was also recording the stunt.

The woman has since deleted her Facebook page.

Jackie said:

“I was surprised. It was definitely a safety concern. They could’ve been blown off and hurt themselves or caused an accident.”

People reacting to Jackie’s Facebook post agreed with her about the reckless stunt.

Though many reacting on Twitter seemed rather impressed by it.

Although she recorded the video, Friedhoff says she didn’t report the incident to police.

“It didn’t cross my mind, I guess. But I posted it on Facebook in hopes that they would get caught.”

According to WFLA local police said the twerking daredevils and the driver of the vehicle could face several citations if found “including riding on the exterior of a motor vehicle, not wearing a seat belt, failing to maintain minimum speed and failure to display a license plate.”

A St. Louis police spokeswoman, however, said that so far they have received no calls about the incident.


Written by Dennis Matthew Livesey

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