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Deputies Caught On Video Tasing Black Man Who Tried To Flag Them Down Following Car Crash


A Black man in Los Angeles was tased by the sheriff’s deputies after an alleged attempt to flag down a patrol car after witnessing a traffic accident.

The incident, which was caught on video and posted on Twitter, is currently under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.

According to the anonymous person who posted the footage, they tweeted they “got into a bad accident” and the victim tried to flag down the police to help them but “instead hopped out and tased bro no cap.”

However, a statement from the department gave a conflicting report indicating the deputies used force because the unidentified individual was being “hostile.”

You can see the video here:

While the footage did not reveal the preceding events that prompted the tasing, it did show the four deputies surrounding the unidentified victim moments before he was tased and fell to the ground.

Buzzfeed News said Sheriff’s officials confirmed deputies were alerted to the car accident at 9:47 a.m. near 104th Street and Van Ness Avenue in Inglewood when their patrol vehicle was blocked by the man upon arrival.

The department said in a statement:

“Deputies exited their patrol vehicle and contacted the individual.”

“Despite their de-escalation efforts, the individual became hostile and a use of force occurred.”

The scene turned chaotic when another Black man—who seemed to be related to the tased victim—emerged from his home and tried to intervene.

He yelled:

“Hey, he’s not in right mind! He’s not in his right f’king mind!”

The second man was tackled to the ground by the other deputies.

A voice off-camera said of the tased victim:

“Something is wrong with him mentally, and I think his daddy is trying to say, ‘y’all don’t hurt him because there’s something wrong with him.'”

Social media users were appalled after watching the clip.

One Twitter user suggested people of color should never flag down police for assistance. 

Others remained outraged over authorities defaulting to the use of force without assessing a situation.

Officials later confirmed both men were related. They claimed the second man “ignored requests for him to back up” and “struggled with the deputies and was taken into custody.”

The news outlet said the second man was charged with battery on a peace officer and obstruction.

Both men were treated after being taken to a local hospital. The tased victim remained hospitalized as of Tuesday.

Koh Mochizuki

Written by Koh Mochizuki

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