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Devin Nunes Is Getting Predictably Dragged After Losing His Legal Battle Against A Parody Cow Account

Alex Wong/Getty Images // Twitter

California Republican Congressman Devin Nunes made headlines last year when he sued a Twitter parody account pretending to be his cow.

In a remarkable display of the Streisand Effect, the account @DevinCow now has over 735 thousand followers.

Nunes sought a stratospheric $250 million in damages, citing the taunts he received from the fictional cow, as well as an account pretending to be his mother. And now the verdict is in.

Virginia Circuit Court Judge John Marshall, who presided over the case, wrote that Nunes:

โ€œ…seeks to have the court treat Twitter as the publisher or speaker of the content provided by others based on its allowing or not allowing certain content to be on its Internet platform.”

“The court refuses to do so.โ€

Perhaps in response to the ruling, Nunes is encouraging his followers to create accounts with the social media site Parler.

The site is increasing in popularity among right wing social media users for its lack of oversight regarding content.

Devin Nunes’ cow wasted no time and continued to troll Nunes.

And as hard as Nunes is trying to blame Twitter, people are sounding their support for the utter side.

At the rate things are going, a fictional cow would be a formidable opponent for Nunes’ congressional seat.

Perhaps this case will encourage the famously litigious Nunes to choose his battles mooooo-re carefully.


Written by Evan Brechtel

Evan Brechtel is a writer and actor living in New York. A Fordham University graduate, he also writes a monthly column for Chosen Magazine and is currently working on a historical fiction novel about New York queer bars over the twentieth century.