DOE Official Booked Wisconsin Hotel Suite With Hot Tub For Sex With 14-Year-Old Boy, Officials Say

Winnebago County Jail

A former New York city Department of Education official has been fired and arrested in Wisconsin for being in possession of sexually explicit photos of minors and attempting to “entice a child for sex.”

Former NYC DOE Deputy Chief of Staff, David Hay, was discovered when he attempted to meet a 14 year-old boy for sex at a hotel. As it turns out, a police officer was posing as the 14 year-old boy online, which was how they were able to get proof and a warrant.

The evidence they acquired evolved into an eleven-page report of evidence and explanations for Hay’s process of preying on minors.

The police investigator involved was based in Neenah, Wisconsin, and he listed his age as eighteen on the Grindr app, under the name of “Colton.” Hay began messaging him back in July 2019.

Hay messaged:

“Into daddies?”

“Colton” replied: 

“Maybe, [are you] into young guys. [I’m] 14 not 18.”

Hay responded:

“Yea I’m good [with] that.”

The two of them messaged back and forth for several months, including writing graphic messages. They even planned to meet for their first encounter in December 2019.

Hay went so far as to book a motel room, including a hot tub, for the meeting.

“Colton” then backed out, claiming that planning to meet gave him pause and that his mother had also sustained an injury that he needed to attend to.

That was Hay’s last text exchange with “Colton.”

The very next day, Hay was arrested at the Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport.

Police investigators took possession of Hay’s phone and discovered photos that were several years old of an underage boy in sexually explicit positions. The unidentified boy looked like one of the former students at Wisconsin Tomah High School, where Hay had worked from 2011 to 2014.

The police were able to get in touch with the boy, who is now of legal age, who admitted he sent Hay the pictures in the past.

As of Friday, Hay has been charged with child pornography and using a computer as a means to entice a child for sex.

If convicted, Hay faces a minimum of ten years in jail, with a maximum of a life sentence. An additional ten years may be added on if Hay is found in possession of child porn.

During his hearing on Friday, Hay did not enter a plea. He is expected back for his hearing on January 14 and cannot leave Wisconsin.

Hay’s attorney, Jonathan Smith, questioned the case based on a lack of evidence.

New York city officials admitted this week that Hay was not fully vetted by the city’s Department of Investigation. The explanation was an extreme backlog of more than six-thousand background checks that needed to be run.

Where the Department of Education only runs checks on fingerprint records and criminal database searches, the Department of Investigation also looks into financial records. City officials believe with further investigation, more inconsistencies may be discovered in Hay’s work history, as well as the time gaps in his resume.

For example, his second most recent position ended in 2011 from a Wisconsin school district. The belief was it was an amicable parting, until the recent investigation uncovered that Hay had used the school district’s credit card for personal charges.

He was then hired in 2016 as a special assistant to the then-Chancellor, Carmen Fariña. The new Chancellor, Richard Carranza, promoted Hay in October 2019, making him a top aide to the Chancellor.

With the unveiling of the investigation, however, Hay was fired from his top-tier position right away.

Carranza stated: 

“In my office, the chancellor’s office, I hold everyone, including myself, to a high standard… We serve the children of New York City. That’s why I immediately fired him.”

It’s unclear what will be uncovered about Hay’s history in-between 2011 and 2016, or elsewhere on his resume.

Of course, Twitter is sharing their disgust for Hay’s alleged behavior as the investigation unfolds.

Hay is due to appear for his hearing on January 14, where they will inevitably have more evidence, or at least more information concerning Hay’s work and financial history, as well as any other lewd conversations or child pornography found in his possession.

McKenzie Lynn Tozan

Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

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