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Cop Applauded For Not Giving Drunk White Woman Preferential Treatment While Arresting Her In Viral Video


A recent viral video captured a rare sight. A visibly intoxicated White woman resisted arrest and the officer used physical force to subdue her.

This counters other videos where aggressive White women are seen laying hands on, screaming at and spitting on police officers without the kind of repercussions BIPOC face for standing still or walking away.

An officer using physical force on camera is, as we know, not rare at all. In just this year alone we’ve seen several clips of police officers harming or killing Black or brown people.

But there are far fewer videos that capture White people receiving similar treatment,  even when they’re actively committing crimes and resisting arrest.

So as a White woman was being arrested for drunk driving after she collided with multiple other vehicles, the person filming the incident was very vocal about that difference.

He reminded the arresting officer to avoid going easy on her.

“Don’t treat her comfortably.”

“Treat her like you would do anybody, now.

“Treat her like you would treat anybody.”

The video, which originally appeared on TikTok and has now been viewed by 6.6 million people, continued to capture the arrest. It became quite forceful after the woman failed to comply or allow herself to be handcuffed.

The officer attempted to handcuff the woman. She physically resisted multiple times.

Eventually he knocked her to the pavement.

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According to the man behind the camera, the woman created plenty of carnage before she was arrested. 

“She crashed into a truck and she just tried to flee the scene and crashed into my wife and kids.”

TikTok viewers remarked on the equal treatment under the law. 

Rose Johnson/TikTok
Duo the owl/TikTok
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And when the video was posted to the PublicFreakout subReddit, people took note of the rarity as well. 

“Now there’s something ya don’t see too often.” — TheeVagabond

“It’s so satisfying watching that Karen get treated that way.” — blabarka

“I’m not calling for violence. But if more White ladies got face smashed, like this lady, the police reform would have happened already.”FacelessFellow

But some people pumped the brakes.

They explained why equally distributed violence is not the ideal. 

“Ramping up police violence for all people in society is not the correct answer.” — Boomslangalang

“Treating Karens sh*ttier isn’t the direction we should go to get equality. Cops need to be less violent overall.”

“That said this was slightly satisfying but I want less violent police not more violent.” — Geowishes

“Is this really the direction we want society to go in?” — MitchMan422

Hopefully the wife and children of the camera man—as well as anyone else the woman struck—came out of this experience healthy and safe. And despite all the unnecessary drama of her arrest, hopefully the woman gets whatever help she needs to stop endangering others.

Eric Spring

Written by Eric Spring

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