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Eminem Expresses Regret For Homophobic Slur Toward Tyler, The Creator On Latest Album

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Eminem isn’t known for being the kind of rapper to hold back when it comes to his lyrics, particularly if he’s talking about someone he has issues with. He built his career on lyrics that he acknowledges as “therapeutic” – taking his anger and aggression out on paper. He’s not known for issuing apologies or acknowledging when things go too far, but that’s changed lately.

His album, Kamikaze, features a track titled Fall. On the track, he references out rapper Tyler The Creator. Tyler has been open about his sexuality and his struggles facing homophobia, talking about the subjects in interviews as well as lyrics, particularly on his 2017 album Flower Boy.

Tyler The Creator

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In the lyrics of Fall, Eminem refers to Tyler as a fa**ot, implies that he worships testes, and uses that implication to riff the word “sacreligious.” While many acknowledge the wordplay as witty, some have called out Em’s attack on Tyler’s sexuality as unnecessary and taking a shot at the proverbial low-hanging fruit.

Believe it or not, now that his temper has cooled, Eminem agrees. In an interview with fellow rapper and media personality, Sway Calloway, Eminem acknowledged that the lyric went too far. In his efforts to go after Tyler individually, he flung an insult that he now realizes hurt way more people than just Tyler. Em’s not okay with the collateral damage his lyric caused.

Em and Tyler used to have a great admiration for one another, they both acknowledged one another’s talents. They even toured together at one point. Their beef started when Tyler took some public shots at Eminem’s work, then one of Tyler’s close companions, Earl Sweatshirt, told the world that anyone who listens to Eminem’s music is trashy. Eminem explains that he was confused by the media attacks since the men had a friendship and every time they saw one another in person, everything was cool. Things escalated until we got to the lyrics for Fall; and Em regrets it.

He told Sway: 

“I was angry when I said the sh*t about Tyler. The fact of, like, every time I saw this kid he’s always so cool to me. You know what I’m saying? I loved his energy, everything. He was a funny dude, he’s super charismatic and sh*t. But I’m sitting back like ‘Man, at what point do I have to say something just to defend myself?’ I think that the word that I called him on the album, on that song, was one of the things where I felt like ‘this might be too far’ because in my quest to hurt him, I realize that I was hurting a lot of other people by saying it.” 


During the interview he even revealed that he had some conversations with producers and execs about possibly removing it before the album came out because it just wasn’t sitting right with him. The line stayed, which he regrets, but he’s thankful that his fans can hear him through the slur.

The total album interview is several parts long, but you can catch this portion in Part 3. He also discusses up and coming artist Jessie Reyez, Dr. Dre, Donald Trump, Colin Kaepernick, protests, having the FBI show up at his studio and more.

The part about Tyler The Creator starts at 9 minutes. 

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