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A Dead Whale In A Dumpster Has Gone Viral And There Are A Lot Of Questions

There have been countless environmental tragedies lately and cities along the coast are seeing dead animals wash up in disturbingly large numbers. Florida is in a state of emergency dealing with harmful algal blooms killing marine life and causing their corpses to wash up all along the coast.

People are at a loss for what to do or how to make it stop. The death of so much sea life is no laughing matter… but even in the darkest times people find humor to be some of the best medicine.

That is what is happening right now thanks to a town in New Hampshire. A dead whale washed up on their shore and someone decided the best course of action was to try and put the whale in a dumpster.

Residents and Twitter users were beyond confused, but it’s one of those situations that is so ridiculous that people cannot help cracking up.

The juvenile minke whale washed up Monday on the shore of Jenness Beach, a gorgeous spot in the town of Rye, New Hampshire. The town had seen a larger humpback whale wash up on the shore in 2016 and officials wanted to try to avoid some of the same spectacle that happened back then.

According to reps from the Seacoast Science Center’s Marine Mammal Rescue Team, the 2016 whale was so large that it had to be dissected and studied right there on the beach. It drew huge crowds, made it difficult to work and was traumatizing for some people.

The humpback whale’s pieces were then taken to a composting site to be properly disposed of.

Because this whale was smaller, teams got together and decided they needed to transport the whale directly to the composting site. Then they could just study it there without the large crowds.

So far so good. 

The team decided a dumpster would do the trick since it could keep the body contained and also catch any “bodily fluids” that would leak from the corpse during transfer. So a dumpster was ordered, a front-end loader was called in and the whale was picked up from the beach.

The machine carried the whale to the dumpster, lifted it, positioned to drop it in and released. The whale was much too large for the dumpster, so it hit the edge, slid to the side and plopped into the parking lot.

There’s video—because of course there’s video.

If flopping whale corpses are not your thing, go ahead and skip this. If you are okay, then turn up the volume.

The casual “oh well” really takes this comedy of errors to a whole other level.

Officials were not really sure what to do at that point. They knew the whale was larger than the dumpster but had been hoping it would “fit diagonally.”

When it did not, they ended up covering the animal, putting up barricades and leaving it for the night while they waited on a larger dumpster.

So how did this even happen? Who thought sending a small residential dumpster would suffice for disposing of a whale?

Well, it turns out nobody bothered to communicate how big the whale was. Or that it was still in one piece.

Reps told New Hampshire media outlets: 

“Now we know to specify the size to the town and the state. Accidents happen everywhere, not just in marine mammal rescue, and we learn from them.”

Twitter is cracking up over this. One person even described it as “peak New Hampshire.” 

Someone pointed out they MAY have borrowed the idea from Seth MacFarlane.

More than a few people noticed what was going on in the background too.

Of course, it had to be memed.

And one person thought it was the perfect metaphor for 2018.

The necropsy results will be made available to the public as soon as possible. Until then, people are sharing the saga of “dumpster whale” trying to find the humor in an ongoing environmental tragedy.

And just being grateful that they did not try dynamite. This time.

H/T: Twitter, Union Leader, Daily Dot


Written by Erica Diaz

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