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A Student Just Replied All To A Campus-Wide Warning About Cougars In The Best Way ?

Hopefully the student's mother has a solid sense of humor.

Southern Oregon University sent out an email warning people about a cougar seen near campus, but one student "reassured" everyone they need not be worried.

Caleb Diaz got the email warning people about the cougar – and he just couldn't let the obvious joke die. He hit "reply all" figuring there was no way a major university would let a student email literally the entire student body and several staff members.

He told Buzzfeed:

"I figured they would have some block that would not allow students to send an email out to the whole school. I thought you had to have certain administrative credentials or something like that."

Caleb Diaz to Buzzfeed

Turns out nope! The University has no such administrative credential requirements. The school says student responses are normally filtered, but Caleb's email somehow got through and went out to the whole school.

And what a message it was, check out these screenshots:

Yep, you read that right:

That's just my mom.

The school said it appreciated Caleb's sense of humor.

So did Twitter.

Hopefully Mom appreciates his humor, too. 

You can read through more responses on the thread here.

H/T: Twitter, Buzzfeed


Written by Erica Diaz

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