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A Student Was Denied Lunch By Her School For Being Short 15 Cents

One Florida mother has some serious questions for her daughter’s school after they threw food away, not allowing her daughter to eat lunch.




Kimberly Aiken’s daughter is registered for the free/reduced lunch program at her school and went through the lunch line on the first day just like she did every day last year. When she reached the register she gave her number and was told there was a balance due of 15 cents on her account.

Aiken’s daughter responded that she didn’t have any money on her. Nobody expected a balance since it was the first day of school, but there was a possibility it could have been left over from last year.

These things happen. So far, nothing too outrageous, right? What happened next is where Aiken has a problem with the school.

Rather than let the child come back the next day with 15 cents or contact mom to settle the balance later, the cafeteria worker took the tray of food from the child and threw it in the garbage.

Kimberly Aiken’s daughter was not allowed to eat on her first day of school over 15 cents she couldn’t possibly have known was owed. The cafeteria worker chose to feed the garbage can rather than feed the child.

If the food was just going to be thrown away, why not just let her eat and bring the 15 cents later on?

But then, to make matters worse, when she came in the next day with money to pay that 15 cent balance – she was told she didn’t owe anything.

Mom gave a brief interview to CBS about what happened.

Twitter was NOT happy with how things were handled. 

Actor and Comedian DL Hughley even posted about the incident. His followers had quite a bit to say. 

It is still unclear as to whether the cafeteria worker was following protocol for their Florida school or not, but one former school cafeteria worker from Illinois said it was standard practice where they worked.

If this is standard procedure, should the procedure be updated? If this is the first time the child was notified of a balance due, should they be able to eat? Even the utility company gives more than one warning.

What do you think should have happened?

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Written by Erica Diaz

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