Awkward Moment Between The Queen and Meghan Markle Lights Up The Internet

Acting like royalty requires tons of tiny bits of information and protocol that can take years to master. It’s why children in the royal family often have to go to school to learn proper royal decorum.

Meghan Markle wasn’t raised a royal, so now that she’s married into the royal family she’s getting a crash course in these things. She’s in Duchess School (yup, that’s a thing) but there are going to be moments that class just hasn’t covered yet.

Can a new Duchess get a little help here, guys? 

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It’s a good thing Megan and the Queen get along so well. According to insiders, the two have a fun, almost mischievous kind of girl power thing happening. They’re constantly laughing and joking together, and that makes things easier when it comes to moments of uncertainty.

For example, over the weekend there was a bit of confusion when it came time to get into a car together. Should the queen get in first? What if she wants to sit on the other side? Does the Queen need to be outside the vehicle a bit longer for photo ops? Is it rude to get in and sit before she does or is allowing her the moment outside of the vehicle something that is considered an honor and Meghan is expected to do?

When you’re riding with the Queen of England you can’t just get in the car and not think about it. Faced with a moment where she was unsure of the rules, Meghan took advantage of the close relationship the two women have and just asked.

It might seem like nothing, but for a royal to just directly ask the Queen about protocol is rare and rather bold in some people’s eyes. The honesty and sincerity with which Meghan asked her question – and with which Meghan is handling her new royal role in general – is something a lot of people find charming. 


Twitter is pretty divided on this one. Some people are team #QueenFirst


Others are totally team #MeghanFirst, figuring her majesty’s age and station would mean that her preferences should be taken into consideration. 


So what’s the right answer? Meghan was asked to enter the vehicle first. That way, the Queen doesn’t have to scoot over and is given a few extra moments for photos.

Things seem to be going very well for the new Duchess, all things considered!

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Written by Erica Diaz

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