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Insane Cake-Making Video’s Unpredictable Twists Have The Internet Very Divided

Internet recipe videos tend to cause arguments. They just do. We don’t know why there are raisins in the potato salad or blueberries in the mac and cheese. Most of the savory food videos devolve into downright brawls in the comments section—and we love watching it happen. The sweet recipes, like cookies and cakes, tend to be safer. At least they were until this one came out.

Twitter is losing its mind talking about this video for a cereal-flavored layer cake made out of waffles. It’s like two breakfasts and a dessert got into a fight, and we have so many questions.

First, watch the video. It’s less than a minute long but has more plot twists than an M. Night Shyamalan film. Every time you think they’re done, something else happens!


We just…wat? That’s so much! Twitter went in hard. We guarantee you’re not the only one confused by this. 


How long did this take? Did this person really sit there and mash different cereals through a strainer forEVER? Did they really separate out every single color for the fruit loop cake? Waffles are crispy, dense, and chewy—that’s what makes them great as waffles—but that also sounds like exactly the sort of thing that would get a contestant on a cake baking show kicked off. And somebody please tell us how we’re supposed to eat a cake that is crispy, dense, chewy, and covered in a whole jar of honey???

Not everyone was hating on it, though. A rare few people thought this was a good idea. 


We want to know where you fall on this. Does it look like a treat or a travesty to you? Have any of you ever actually tried to make it? Sound off!


H/T: Twitter


Written by Erica Diaz

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