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Iowa Woman Admits She Intentionally Ran Over 14-Year-Old Girl With Her Car Because She Was ‘A Mexican’

Clive Police Department

*WARNING: article contains descriptions of racism and acts of violence against a child.

42 year old Nicole Marie Poole Franklin of Des Moines, Iowa will be facing a string of charges stemming from a traffic incident on December 9th.

The charges include attempted murder, assault, theft, possession of illegal substances and more. People are pushing to see that hate crimes get added to that list.

According to police, Franklin smoked meth before driving her SUV up onto the sidewalk and striking a child. She then drove away.

It sounds like a horrible, but not uncommon driving-while-intoxicated hit and run accident. But Franklin didn’t get too high, lose control of her vehicle and tragically strike the child.

She hit the girl on purpose and freely admitted it to officers.

Her reason?

The child “was a Mexican.”

After telling authorities that she hit the child because she thought the girl was Mexican, Franklin went on a rant and made several derogatory comments about Hispanic people. Officers say there’s no evidence that the event was pre-meditated.

Nicole Marie Pool Franklin/Clive Police Department

Pre-meditated or not, Franklin’s racism left the child in the hospital with multiple serious injuries. After she ran the girl over, Franklin made her way to a gas station in West Des Moines where she “created a disturbance.”

Eventually, people at the gas station called police about her racism and aggressive behavior. Witnesses on scene say she looked like she was “on something” at the time.

Nobody had any clue she had just come from almost killing a child—that detail came out later.

When officers arrived on scene they found her throwing potato chips around, destroying merchandise and shouting at people. Footage from the gas station shows Franklin there in excess of twenty minutes, during which time she shoved ice cream in her pockets, shouted racial slurs at gas station employees and customers and threw things from off the counter.

Once in custody, Ms. Franklin admitted to the hit and run, telling officers that she believed the girl was Mexican, so she drove up onto the sidewalk and plowed into her with her SUV. She then elaborated by making several derogatory statements about the Hispanic community.

The girl survived her injuries and was able to go back to school after about a week. Her school has made sure that counselors and other resources are available to the child, her family and the student body.

People are furious, to say the least.

Franklin was given a $1 million bond and is still in custody.


Written by Erica Diaz

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