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Paul Rudd Took Some Photos While Eating Spicy Wings That Look Way Dirtier Than They Actually Are

First We Feast / YouTube

Paul Rudd gives great hot wing face and is happy to make your pictures look like there’s a backside hovering over you.

That was the major take away from his recent appearance on the popular web series Hot Ones. If you haven’t seen it, the premise is diabolically simple.

The host, Sean Evans, sits down with a new guest for each episode. A line of chicken wings coated in progressively spicier hot sauce sits in front of each person.

As Sean asks his interview questions, they eat. New wing, new question or topic.

It sounds simple enough, but that’s what makes it hilarious. It’s almost impossible to hold a conversation with someone whose mouth is on fire, eyes are watering, nose is running and is actively trying to distract themselves from the searing pain they’re in.

Fans of the show have seen Kevin Hart resort to basically yelling for Sean to repeat himself (poor guy couldn’t focus—it was like the wings killed his hearing.) Gordon Ramsay came to the show prepared with his own anti-spiciness kit. Spoiler Alert: It wasn’t as effective as he was hoping.

Terry Crews questioned his whole life up until eating the hottest wings. We’re decently certain that at least one of the three Jonas brothers almost died.

Sean’s most recent guest was beloved Hollywood actor Paul Rudd. He’s well known as one of the nicest, easiest to work with, and most laid-back celebs in the world right now.

So how would he handle the hot?

Well…this face happens… 

First We Feast / YouTube Screenshot

The episode is an interesting one, to say the least.

It covers some behind-the-scenes Anchorman knowledge, Paul Rudd and Sean Evans busting out an improv scene, the joys of vegan wings, the non-joys of some of these sauces;  and we finally get to hear how Paul feels about the internet-theory that Ant-Man could kill Thanos by flying up his butt.

Speaking of butts—about half way through the episode we find out that Paul Rudd has a thing for taking pictures of people with his fingers positioned in a very particular way. Judd Apatow evidently shared this knowledge in an interview so Sean, never being one to miss an opportunity, asked Paul if he could demonstrate.

The resulting butt finger photos sent Twitter into giggle fits. 


Now obviously when someone on Twitter says “please don’t meme” the first thing you’re going to do is meme.

It’s like telling someone “don’t look down.”

So meme they did, and it was glorious.

And filthy.

These are pretty NSFW.


A lot of the memes seem much more inappropriate than they actually are, which is why people are finding them so funny.

The “careful around the eyes” one, for example, is actually a bit of advice Sean gave to Paul when he was wiping his face. Hot sauce to the eyes is “unpleasant” to say the least.

You can watch the episode in all it’s spicy inappropriate vegan glory here. 

Rudd’s film ANT-MAN AND THE WASP is available here.

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Written by Erica Diaz

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