Pro Gamer Explains To Fans Why He Broke It Off With ‘World’s Sexiest Weathergirl’ For Call Of Duty

You may not know the name Douglas “FaZe Censor” Martin unless you’re a devoted gamer, but you’ve probably heard of Call of Duty. You also may not know Yanet Garcia by name, but if you’ve walked past magazine racks or if you followed the World Cup this year, you’ve probably seen her.

He is a professional gamer with a popular YouTube channel and she’s been dubbed the “World’s Sexiest Weathergirl.”

Check her out on the cover of Maxim Mexico

Y de pronto se detiene el tiempo y empiezo a ver cómo ha cambiado mi vida en los últimos años. Mi mente viaja hacia ese momento donde iniciaba en el mundo del modelaje con tantos sueños e ilusiones donde me topé con tantos obstáculos, con tantas personas que no creyeron en mi y me cerraron muchas puertas. Sin embargo agradecida con tantas otras personas que si lo hicieron . Hoy le doy gracias a Dios por cada experiencia porque me ha hecho una mujer fuerte, trabajadora y disciplinada que jamás se cansa de luchar por sus sueños. No ha sido fácil el camino pero ha valido la pena. Hoy le puedo decir a todas esas personas que algún día me dijeron “Tu no puedes” Que TODO ES POSIBLE Si trabajas fuerte todos los días . Quieres algo? Ve por ello PUNTO. GRACIAS DIOS ?????? GRACIAS @peperincon y a todo tu gran equipo de trabajo @inkentourage @betoville por hacer posible esto. Amigos los invito a que compren la Revista Maxim ya está a la venta! Gracias @maximmexico y a todo el gran equipo #YanetGarcíaEnMaxim Fotos – Rodrigo Palma @ropalma Styling – Tatiana Cueva @tatianacueva Cabello – Antonio Ruz @antonioruz Maquillaje – Tatiana Sada @tsgmakeup Dirección Editorial y Texto – Gabriel Guajardo @mividaaburrida

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The pair have been an adorable, fun, fit couple for quite a while.

Combined, they have something in the neighborhood of ten million followers. His YouTube channel sits comfortably at 2.5 million subscribers while her Instagram following is nearing 7 million people.

Also, they have this adorable fluff-nugget.


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But the cute has come to an end.

In his most recent YouTube video, Doug explains that he has broken up with Yanet. He dumped her, not because she did anything wrong, but because he has decided he needs more time to focus on what matters in his career—playing Call of Duty.

He claimed that he no longer has time for a relationship and will be focusing on playing Call Of Duty Black Ops IV full-time. Yanet, he says, will continue doing “that job over there.”

Yeah, seemed a bit dismissive to us as well considering her career is incredibly successful. Arguably more successful than his.

Anyway, the comments on the video were… mixed. 





For her part, Yanet has not said much.

She did put out a simple, one word tweet. 

Which, of course, people immediately swooped in on.

So, CLEARLY, Yanet won’t be single for long if she chooses not to be… but let’s maybe try not making your play 8 seconds after the girl gets dumped for a video game. Give her some time to breathe, guys.

We don’t know what will happen here. The couple was together for three years and as social media influencers, we guess it’s possible this is all for publicity?

Either way, we wish them both the best.

You can watch the full video where Doug explains the breakup right here. 

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Written by Erica Diaz

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