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Rob Delaney’s 5-Year-Old Son Wrote A Hilarious Poem—And It’s A Brutally Honest Over-Share ?

Rob Delaney is an actor, writer, comedian, and father. You probably know him from his show Catastrophe or his role in Deadpool 2. Now, you’re about to know him for his morning poops.

You’re welcome.

Rob’s always been one of those celebrities who shares their personal lives with fearless honesty. He shared the tragic loss of his young son to cancer.

He’s shared his struggles with depression and alcoholism. He shares his day to day life – even if it’s unflattering.

It’s not all sad, though. Rob’s honesty is often hilarious.

He was voted one of the ten funniest men on Twitter in 2010 and the funniest person on Twitter in 2012. That honesty and humor are part of what makes Rob who he is… so when his 5-year-old son penned a poem that was chock full of that trademark honesty and humor… well… he couldn’t be more proud.

Rob is funny, yes. Rob’s kid is WAY funnier.

Check it out. 


It’s not quite a haiku, but hey – classic formats are limiting when you’ve got so much important information to relay. The cat IS a cat. Dogs DO bark and woof.

And Rob Delaney, evidently, is a morning pooper.

Twitter is in love with all this insight. 


Ladies and gents…we now have a new type of poetry. 

Parenthood is fun, you guys.

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Written by Erica Diaz

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