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Ryan Reynolds Teases Blake Lively For Racy Photo Standing Between Naked Man’s Legs ??

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively mercilessly trolling the crap out of each other is the sort of love that internet just can’t get enough of. Since the two got together, they’ve had fans and followers cracking up over the way they tease each other online.

They playfully crop one another out of photos, constantly pick on each other, and Blake notoriously has no problem calling Ryan out for his ability to screw up cookies, his terrible taste in vehicles, and his thing for Helen Mirren. (What?) Ryan is a fan of firing back with hilariously unflattering pictures of Blake and hitting us with a #NoFilter.

The pair are constantly laughing, and it’s part of why people love them so much. Blake has been working hard to promote her new film, A Simple Favor, and Ryan has been his usual funny supportive self.

He even tweeted this very Ryan Reynolds-esque review: 


Recently, Blake released a promotional image on her Instagram. The image, like many others related to the film, depicts Blake Lively’s character as embracing things we tend to see as more traditionally masculine.

We’ve seen her wearing suits…

and bearing martinis…

and now we’ve got Blake standing between a nude man’s legs while he holds her drink for her.

The caption and image were both provocative. 

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My turn... @asimplefavor ?: @timpalen

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But what really got people going was Ryan Reynolds’s response to the picture. It perfectly summed up the humor and trust that has become a trademark of Blake and Ryan’s relationship. 


That was all it took for the comment section to fall in love. 


Once again, these two show the world that a little laughter goes a long way — and we love it.


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Written by Erica Diaz

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