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SNL’s ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Spoof Imagines What Life Would Be Like Without Trump—And Trump Isn’t Happy About It

SNL has never been one to shy away from mocking political figures – or from giving audiences what they want. This year they found a way to combine those two things, slap a big ol’ holiday bow on it and celebrate the season! The latest episode featured a cold opener titled “It’s A Wonderful Trump.” The skit spoofed on the classic film It’s A Wonderful Life and imagined a world in which Trump had never been elected president.

It’s about nine minutes long and spends that time really driving the point home – everyone, including Donald Trump, is just better off. Mike Pence is a DJ, Brett Kavanaugh gets to drink beer and hang out with his bros, Kellyanne gets her soul back and her marriage is stable, Donald has real hair  – we’re not going to spoil the whole thing for you but the phrase “Feliz Nastydad” happens and it’s great.

It becomes a veritable parade of cameos! 


As with most SNL skits about Trump, people loved it…


Except the Trump supporters who hated it… and no Trump supporter hated it more than Trump himself. He gifted the world with this hard-to-read tweet about the skit. 


Trump’s tweet might just be the unintentional cherry on this sundae.


H/T: Twitter, Mashable, Vox, YouTube


Written by Erica Diaz

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