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Someone Created A Satirical ‘Trump Hotels’ Website That Completely Blasts The Migrant Detention Centers

Donald Trump loves to talk about his business savvy and his…well…Donald-Trump-ness. His properties, his branding, and his name itself are quite important to Trump. So it’s a bit odd that he would leave something so simple and inexpensive as a domain name for a website unpurchased.

But he did.

Donald Trump may own but someone in the Trump camp neglected to secure Maybe they forgot, maybe they just didn’t think it would matter.

Is a .org website really that big of a deal, Donald? 


Apparently it is if you’re going to anger half the planet. Someone figured out that was still open for purchase and decided they were going to buy it and do a little promotion of the Trump brand. The website labels itself clearly as political satire, but it’s easy to see why Trump may not be enjoying the publicity from this particular site.

They turned into a website boasting all the fine amenities one might find in Trump’s detention centers.


Across the top of the site are slides showing the conditions one can expect during a stay. Under that are some “Thoughts From Our Manager,” quotes from Trump about his thoughts on immigrants. Across the bottom are “features and services,” which include three sections: “Handicap Accessibility,” “Se Habla Espanol,” and “Child Accommodations.” Each of the sections links to an outside article, video, or other information source. Other categories include “The Blacks,” “The Hispanics,” “The Muslims,” and “Very Fine People.”

The website has gotten quite a bit of attention.


Check out the website and let us know your thoughts!

H/T: Twitter, Indy100


Written by Erica Diaz

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