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Taylor Swift Got Stuck Mid-Air During Her Concert In Philly Due To A Technical Malfunction

Taylor Swift just had a total Spinal Tap moment. No, she didn’t need a spinal tap, but she had a moment similar to a scene in the movie Spinal Tap. In the film, the band gets stuck inside of their props during a show.

They power through but are hilariously humiliated. 

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It’s happened to bands in the non-fiction world as well. U2 famously found themselves stuck inside of a lemon during a world tour…twice. Tommy Lee of Motley Crue got stuck mid-air on his drum kit. It happens more than you’d think.

Taylor Swift fell victim to the stuck-in-a-prop curse at her recent Philadelphia show. The prop, a sparkly basket, was supposed to lift her into the air and glide over the crowd, then deposit her on a second stage. The songstress was performing her hit “Delicate” when the basket shenanigans ensued. She stepped in, the basket went up, and…that was about it.

Of course fans documented it all on Twitter. 


Being a seasoned performer, Swift just went with it. She told the crowd she was pretty sure she was stuck up there, but it was okay because the view was nice. She had an earpiece and could hear her crew talking to her, but the only way to respond was to talk into her mic, so the whole crowd got to be involved in the “rescue” efforts. She chatted a bit, then decided it was time for a singalong and performed “Our Song” and “Wildest Dreams” without the help of her band — just her and the crowd.

Fans are pretty impressed by how she handled it!


So there you have it. If you ever find yourself stuck in a basket suspended above 60,000 people, just hang out and sing a song and things will be fine! Okay, that’s terrible advice, but we’re glad everything worked out. Her Swifties love her even more now!


H/T: Twitter, People


Written by Erica Diaz

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