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The Only Black Man At Pool Forced To Leave By Apartment Manager After Off-Duty Cop Demands Proof Of Where He Lives

Shayne Holland was sitting at the pool of his apartment complex in Indianapolis, Indiana, when a woman approached him. The woman, who did not identify herself, demanded to know if Holland – the only Black man at the pool that day – belonged there.

“She didn’t introduce herself, she didn’t say hello,” Holland told WRTV-TV.

“She says, ‘Do you live here?’ I’m like, ‘Yes, I live here, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t live here’.”

But when she demanded to know exactly where he lived, Holland told her he wasn’t comfortable giving his address to strangers.

“I’m like, ‘I live over there, but if you’re asking me for my address, I mean, I don’t feel comfortable giving you my entire address without knowing who you are’.”

Then the woman, an off-duty police officer who still had not identified herself and was wearing a badge for a local security company, demanded that Holland leave the pool area. Holland also alleges the woman accused him of climbing over the fence to gain access to the pool.

Holland insisted he had done nothing wrong, which witnesses at the pool confirmed, and had a right to be there. He even showed the woman his key fob that works as access to the pool area.

By this point, everyone else sitting poolside was like:

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The harassing incident eventually caught the attention of the property manager. The River Crossing Apartments employee came out and admitted that yes, Holland was a resident who she knew on a first name basis.

The manager tried to resolve the situation — by telling Holland to leave.

Her reasoning? He didn’t give out his full address to an unidentified stranger when she asked for it. 

When Holland again showed his key as his right to be there, the officer snatched it from him. The escalation of the incident was caught on video.

Watch it here:

But Holland didn’t post his video on Twitter originally. The River Crossing Apartments resident posted the video in response to another incident at the same pool involving the same property manager.

Just days before this, the River Crossing Apartments employee removed all of the black people from a community BBQ pool party. The manager stated the party was causing a disturbance and it needed to disperse.

She only removed the Black men, women and children while White pool goers were allowed to stay.

Angry residents were able to catch the tail-end of the situation on video:

And a look through the comments section yields mention of another incident as well.

The River Crossing Apartments owner, Barrett & Stokely, issued a statement that the property manager “was immediately placed on administrative leave and an internal investigation began.”

But many on Twitter want to know why she still has a job.

Others are asking for consequences for the off-duty police officer as well.

Holland filed a complaint against the off-duty officer with the Citizens’ Police Complaint Office and plans on speaking to the Indiana Civil Rights Commission.

“We have talked with several concerned members of the community and will continue that dialogue for the foreseeable future,” said Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Sgt. Jim Gillespie in response to the incident. “The Executive Staff has received preliminary information, before and after the video, about the circumstances and will await the findings of the internal investigation.”

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Written by Erica Diaz

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