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These 20+ Tweets About People Who Watch True Crime TV Are Criminally Genius

"I watch so many murder shows that I'm afraid to close my eyes in the shower." 

True Crime shows are addictive. Whether it's a newer show like The First 48, or a classic like Unsolved Mysteries (shout out to the O.G. host, Robert Stack, for being the voice of our nightmares for yours), once you start you can't really stop. We used to have to hope for a marathon on TV, but now with platforms like Hulu or Netflix, we can get our true crime fix any time we want for however long we want.

Is watching true crime shows for 9 hours straight healthy? We're not sure, but as long as you're not doing it for research purposes it should be okay, right?

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After our last binge-sesh we decided to check Twitter to see if other people were as into it as we are, and it turns out YES! Other people really are blowing entire weekends snuggled up with a bowl of chips and some TV murder. 

Here are some of our favorite tweets from other true crime fans:

1. That's Real Love

If things go well you can walk down the aisle to the creepy theme music!

2. The Palate Cleanser

Let's lighten the mood with a little murder, shall we?

3. Love

Is this why we're all forever single?

4. It Never Is

Honestly, what would we even do if it was us? Do we call someone? Is there a

5. FINALLY, A Topic We Know About

Our time has come. Let's do this.

6. Making It Worse

… … … Same.

7. High School

Okay, but you're probably having a better time honestly.

8. Every Mood Is Murder Mood

Sad? Murder. Happy? Murder. Hungry? Murder, but with pizza.

9. Heaven

Yes. Yes, it is.

10. Nightmares

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it… unlike these murder mysteries.

11. The Office Crazies

We've just accepted our fate at this point.

12. Switching It Up

Variety is the spice of life.

13. Can't Stop Won't Stop

"Show yourself coward" made us laugh really hard… then stop suddenly because we realized we are totally this person.

14. An Accent Now

But is it an upgrade?

15. Most Appropriate GIF Ever

We appreciate you, show that's just like every other show.

16. Harsh

*sips tea*

17. Ulterior Motives

We're onto you…

18. Ulterior Motives: Part Two

We're onto you, too, lady!

19. Oh We're Winning This

Who could we get to host?

20. Food Forensics

We're going to go look for this episode now.

21. Scare-roused

Run, girl. RUN.

22. Big Mood

We feel so understood right now…

23. Feeling Better

People like bowling that much?

24. Different In Your 30's

But kind of better, though. Be real.

25. Us, Too

All crimes should be committed while wearing hazmat suits and with empty pockets. Jeez.

H/T: Twitter, Buzzfeed


Written by Erica Diaz

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