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Trio Of Urban Foxes Are Having The Time Of Their Lives Playing On A Building’s Roof Covering

So I started writing this whole article thinking I was going to make witty jokes about what the fox says and maybe throw in a few more fox puns. I have British friends. I could make fox jokes all day!

And then I saw the video – and you guys – forget the puns. This is an internet emergency. You need to see this. We don’t think this is what the city had in mind when they put these covers on … but fox trampolines are never the wrong answer. 


Yup, fox trampolines. To say this post was a hit on Twitter is an understatement. People are so here for the fox party. 


And foxes are so here for the people party, too!


So thank you to the council, thanks to Rachael, thanks to nature for making foxes in the first place… just… thank you, life. This tweet and the fox party it spawned were exactly what today needed to be awesome.

H/T: Twitter


Written by Erica Diaz

Erica is the consummate cool-kid. She’s so cool that she’s been talked about in magazines, on blogs and on the radio after losing her left eye because of a piece of glitter. She is still actively mourning the passing of Prince and hopes to one day do an all-iguana remake of Graffiti Bridge since iguanas are plentiful near her home in South Florida. She has yet to find one that can really nail the “ahhhyayayeaheaheah” that Tevin Campbell does in Round and Round, and everyone knows the music is the important part of any Prince film. She’s a mother, singer, writer and (if the internet is to be believed - which we all know it is) a Nigerian socialite mid-ranking member of the Illuminati. She prides herself on being the most popular one-eyed rock star under 5 ft tall in pretty much any room she walks into.