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Horrifying Video Of Strong Winds Flipping A ‘Bounce House’ Filled With Teens Is Everyone’s Worst Nightmare

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Five high school students from Washington were injured in what is being described as a freak accident with an inflatable structure.

The students were enjoying a school celebration featuring games.

One of those games was an inflatable structure similar to a bounce house. As a part of the game, five students were strapped in the inflatable with harnesses.

Most bounce house and inflatable structure companies will recommend that the structures be staked or otherwise secured down during use. It is unclear whether this structure was secured or not, but if it was then those security measures failed.

A gust of wind was able to lift the inflatable game approximately twenty feet into the air and flip it 247 feet down the Zillah High School football field with the five students still strapped in.

One of the people at the celebration managed to capture a very short video of the tail-end of the incident. It’s only 14 seconds long, but it captures some shocking moments.

Warning: This video is brief but may be tough to watch for some.

In the video you can see the inflatable being dragged down the track and over some hurdles. It’s upside-down for most of the dragging, with a crowd of people chasing it.

At the very end, the wind flips the inflatable again, and you can briefly see the strapped-in students being flung about.

One of the students needed CPR on scene. Ambulances and rescue personnel arrived at around 2:30 in the afternoon.

That student was taken to Astoria Regional Medical Center with critical injuries. Four others came out of the situation with relatively minor injuries.

The Zillah school district says it is possible one of the students was already injured before the inflatable was blown around, but that cannot be confirmed at this time.

They released the following statement:

“At approximately 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday May 1, 2019, an accident occurred at Zillah High School during an Associated Student Body event. Five students were involved.”

They added:

“The nature and extent of their injuries are unknown at this time. Our hearts go out to the students, parents, and staff of those involved. Administration is currently looking into this matter.” 

We wish all the students the best in their recoveries.


Written by Erica Diaz

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