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Woman’s Story About Helping Two Young Black Kids From Getting Arrested For Shoplifting Is Going Viral

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Nana Asante is a British-Ghanian woman living in the United States. She’s not from the U.S., but she’s been here long enough to understand how quickly things can go sideways when young black lives clash with police over relatively minor things. Her quick thinking at her local Walmart is being hailed for potentially saving two young boys from suffering the same fates we’ve been seeing in the news all too often.

Nana noticed in-store security watching and following two boys who she later found out were 13 and 14. As she looked on, she saw one boy put something in his pocket while the other served as a lookout. Clearly, the two weren’t hardened or experienced criminals if they didn’t notice both security and Nana watching. Nana realized the boys weren’t pocketing things from aisles that shelved electronics, jewelry, or toys. They were standing in the personal care section of the store. These kids weren’t stealing for profit or fun. They were trying to steal something they needed, but couldn’t afford.

Nana noticed the security officer start to move towards the boys, so she swooped in.

The story didn’t end there. The boys were embarrassed and apologized to her for trying to steal. Speaking to Unilad, she explained the boys’ heartbreaking response and what her next move was:

When we got there I said to place whatever is in your pockets in my cart and they did. I saw the deodorant and I knew immediately something was wrong. Who steals deodorant? It costs four dollars.

The little boy said, ‘We’re sorry ma’am,’ and I said, ‘You couldn’t ask anybody!?’ The other said their mother had died last year so it was just him, his brother and two little sisters living with their grandmother.

I said you don’t have to steal, you just have to ask.

I said I know you don’t know me but here is my number and if you need me, call me. I can be your big sister.

I also opened my wallet and gave them all the cash I had. They were so thankful and gave me the biggest hug.

God made me go to Walmart that day. It took one act of kindness to change the path these boys were taking.


Nana grew up in a single-parent household and understood how often the boys and their siblings would struggle. She helped them in the way she knew best.

Twitter has been cheering for her since.


Even Walmart praised her actions. 


She has not heard from the two boys yet, but if she does, she’s ready to help! Nana has inspired an army of Twitter followers to be ready to mobilize for any young people in need. The world could use more people like her. We know we’re inspired to be more like Nana. What about you?


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Written by Erica Diaz

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