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Writer Suggests Uncontacted Tribes Should Be Introduced To ‘Modern Society’—It Did Not Go Over Well

Unless you’ve been avoiding all media—we totally wouldn’t blame you—you’ve probably heard about missionary John Chau and his failed attempt to force Christianity onto the Sentinelese people while breaking several Indian laws in the process.

The tribe is considered one of the last uncontacted tribes in the world—and they like it that way.

Chau’s death served to highlight—once again—why there are laws and regulations in place regarding them. They do not want contact with the outside world and attempted contact is dangerous for everyone involved.

Even if Chau had succeeded in touching base with them, he could not communicate with them and would have exposed the tribe to many germs they have no resistance to. Most people agree that respecting the people of Sentinel Island’s wishes and protecting them by leaving them alone is the best bet.

And then there’s this guy. 

Conservative pundit and writer Matt Walsh argues that governments should be contacting these tribes even though they’ve shown us repeatedly that they do not want contact with the world outside of their island.

According to him, it is unkind to NOT contact them because we’re not even giving them the chance to enjoy modern advances like air conditioning and phones and “antibiotics.” People were pretty quick to point out that half the diseases we need medicines for don’t exist in these populations because of their isolation.

And there is no way to know if the Sentinelese people—the Indian government’s name for them—do or do not have antibiotics. Many things in the natural world have antibiotic properties and were part of traditional medicine.

People read Matt’s tweets and responded with a resounding: 


Nobody held back.

So yeah… that tweet didn’t go over well for Matt. We could not find a single response in support of his thoughts on the matter.

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