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Twisted Stalker Puts Ex-Girlfriend’s Info On Escort Site, Hacks School Account And Fails Her Quizzes


The next time someone talks about their “crazy ex,” tell them about Thomas Traficante.

After his relationship ended, the St. John’s University student refused to let his former girlfriend move on. Traficante began cyber-stalking his ex, who has not been identified.

The student of the Queens, New York university posted his victim’s information on escort websites. Traficante, a Seaford, New York, native, also took her online quizzes for school and deliberately failed them.

He also menaced her and her sorority sisters over the phone using voice alteration technology. The woman changed her cell phone number, but that still didn’t stop him.

Traficante even went so far as to send drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine to her before calling the police and alerting them in attempts to get his ex arrested.

As a result, Traficante will serve four years in prison for “cyberstalking and distribution of a controlled substance”.

He also received a scathing admonishment from US District Judge David Larimer:

“If you had a modicum of intelligence, you should know that what you did, repeatedly, was despicable.

Traficante’s attorney said they plan to appeal the sentence. But the outcome does not look promising for Traficante.

After news of his actions broke, Twitter users took to social media to express their outrage at his actions.

Other users suggested taking precautions as well.

Hopefully Traficante learns to deal with rejection in a healthy adult manner.

It shouldn’t be a problem.

After all, he has four whole years to reflect on why harassment and intimidation are not okay.

H/T: New York Post


Written by Evan Brechtel

Evan Brechtel is a writer and actor living in New York. A Fordham University graduate, he also writes a monthly column for Chosen Magazine and is currently working on a historical fiction novel about New York queer bars over the twentieth century.