Trump Tells Fox News He ‘Didn’t Know’ About Matt Whitaker’s Long Record Of Speaking Out Against The Mueller Probe

Credit: Fox News

With the firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the fate of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into a possible conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russian government officials has been flung into uncertainty.

Much to the chagrin of President Donald Trump, Sessions recused himself from overseeing the investigation after his own meetings with Russian officials came to light. The new acting Attorney General and Sessions’ former Chief of Staff, Matt Whitaker, isn’t bound by that recusal, despite being a vocal critic of the Mueller investigation.

Many began calling foul when Whitaker was assigned to replace Jeff Sessions and to oversee the Mueller investigation, but now President Donald Trump claims he didn’t know about Whitaker’s long record of decrying the case.

In the interview with Fox News’s Chris Wallace, Donald Trump says:

“I did not know that. I did not know that he took views on the Mueller as such…What do you do when a person’s right? There is no collusion. He happened to be right if he said there is no collusion.”

Trump’s assurances that there was “no collusion” have become a familiar refrain since before the investigation but have hardly assured anyone but his staunch supporters.

As overseer of the Mueller Investigation, Whitaker could end it completely or decrease its budget and resources to the point that it’s no longer effective.

Many people are calling foul regarding Trump claims that he didn’t know Whitaker’s stance.

As to whether or not the President would intervene if Whitaker moved to stop the investigation, Trump conveniently said no.

His response stoked the fires of public outrage even more.

Though Whitaker will almost certainly take steps to impede the investigation, an incoming Democratic House of Representatives may still be enough to keep it afloat.

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Written by Evan Brechtel

Evan Brechtel is a writer and actor living in New York. A Fordham University graduate, he also writes a monthly column for Chosen Magazine and is currently working on a historical fiction novel about New York queer bars over the twentieth century.