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Fake Message From The CEO Of Tide Pods Goes Viral On YouTube

The Tide Pod Challenge, where YouTubers eat a pod full of laundry detergent, has been lampooned from all directions, but that doesn't make this pitch-perfect impression of Tide CEO David Taylor any less hilarious as he attempts to grapple with his company's incredibly edible-looking products:

The internet was rolling on the floor over the sketch.


The video was actually written and pitched by Brennan Mulligan, the actor who played David Taylor. This was his first video with College Humor!

Though they're on the decline, Tide Pod jokes seem to be having a last hurrah before the world moves on.

At one point, Tide Pod mania was so ubitquitous, Senator Chuck Schumer felt the need to comment on it:

These pods were supposed to make household chores easier, not tempt our children to swallow harmful chemicals. I saw one on my staffer's desk and I wanted to eat it.

This actually isn't the first time College Humor has commented on the Tide Pod challenge:

Great! So let's not eat any more Tide Pods ever again? Sounds good.

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Written by Collin Gossel

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