Fans Unearth A Foreshadowing Easter Egg In The Original Iron Man Movie

2008’s Iron Man was the movie that set the course for a decade’s worth of comic book movies, but someone just spotted – or rather heard – a pretty well-concealed Easter egg therein.

Fans will get a kick out of this.

There’s a scene in which Stark Industries’ Obediah Stane confronts Tony Stark at Stark’s home, bringing him pizza and bad news. Tony walks into the room to Obediah playing a mournful dirge on the piano.

There was always something interesting about that tune, but it took a full decade for the Easter egg to gain widespread notice. A sharp ear actually picked out exactly what Stane played back in 2009.

In Iron Man (2008) Stane is playing a piano piece by Salieri. Salieri is long rumored to have sabotaged and killed Mozart. A foreshadowing of what Stane attempts to do to Stark. from MovieDetails

Very few of us know Salieri’s music offhand, which is kind of the point of the 1984 movie masterpiece Amadeus. The film gives an exaggerated take on the actually cordial relationship between composers Antonio Salieri and the legendary Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Admittedly, there’s not much truth to the movie’s murderous rivalry between Salieri and Mozart.

But the myth of that feud resonated in pop culture. In this incredibly obscure Easter egg, the delightful commentary paints Stane as the Salieri to Tony’s Mozart.

Neither Salieri nor Stane would wind up on a graphic T-Shirt (though admittedly Mozart doesn’t wind up on that many these days either), but they both obsess over the brilliance of their betters’ work.

Solid extra layer, Jon Favreau of yesteryear.

Though this blew up on Reddit recently, the easter egg hasn’t gone entirely unnoticed – a comb through Twitter shows a few sharp-eared viewers catching the nod before Twitter became all that popular.

Some people got to enjoy this neat parallel for a lot longer than the rest of us.


Written by Chet Dawson

Reformed ruffian.