People Are Absolutely Horrified By This Adult ‘Cleaning’ Product For Women, And We Can See Why

Let’s talk about sex. It’s hot, it’s sweaty and it can get very messy.

Numerous inventions have cropped up over the years to improve sex, whether it be to prevent unwanted pregnancy, enhance performance or increase pleasure. Now there is a new invention out there to help clean up.

The product is called come&gone and is made for people with vaginas after they have sex with someone with a penis. The entire concept is around unprotected sex without the use of the pullout method.

According to the founder, Frances:

“Come&gone was born out of a personal problem. A really, really personal problem. I was so tired of tactically rolling off the bed, sprinting to the bathroom, hovering over the toilet, and using gobs of toilet paper in an attempt to clean myself up after sex.” 

The result that Frances came up with is a sponge on a stick meant to be swirled around the vaginal canal post-coitus.

The reactions to the product are less than kind.

The ads shared by @kittynouveau were…





Some people feel like the product needs a new name.

Quick PSA: The product has not been evaluated by the FDA.

Despite the backlash on Twitter, the product has a 4.5/5 star review with 65 reviews.

One particular review has stood out from the rest.


Please note that Connie’s review is not verified.

Written by B Miller

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