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Florida Man Arrested After Spitting At Boy In Restaurant For Wearing A Mask

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

In a disturbing trend of people invading small children’s personal germ space, a man was arrested after spitting in the face of a little boy who was wearing a mask at a restaurant.

Jason Copenhaver, 47, reportedly approached the child and asked him why he was wearing a mask, demanding that he remove it.

When the little boy refused, Copenhaver spit in his face and told the child he now had the virus.


According to restaurant employees, Copenhaver appeared drunk and was barefoot. They tried to detain him, but he became belligerent.

He also attempted to assault an employee before police were summoned and he was arrested.

Copenhaver was charged with battery and disorderly conduct, with bail set at $650.

Critics feel the police did not come down on Copenhaver hard enough.

Copenhaver reportedly does not actually know if he is infected with the virus, as he has never been tested, according to police.

If the child contracts the virus, it remains to be seen if further charges will be levied.

Mike Walsh

Written by Mike Walsh

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